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Produce Economically Despite the High Increase of Iridium Prices with PLATINODE®

Metal Deposition Solutions

Change quickly to stay in the race

When is the right time for a change? Whenever the advantages outweigh the disadvantages! And this is the case with MMO anodes, which have remained stable in price in the past - a price increase of around 350% for Iridium in a very short time makes a pit stop necessary in the figurative sense. Therefore, change now to an Iridium reduced version - PLATINODE® MMO 186 LOC / 186 SO / 176.

Extreme price increase for Iridium

Since December 2020, the price of iridium has been rising sharply and has already more than tripled. During the last two years, the price has even increased by around 630% (as of April 2021). As a result, the anode costs and thus the overall production costs for electroplating users increase significantly.

More economical alternative due to lower iridium content

All advantages combined in one MMO anode: Our PLATINODE® MMO 186 LOC / 186 SO / 176 is a version with up to 25% less Iridium, which saves you a lot of money. And thanks to optimization of the layer, the lifetime is the same as with higher iridium use. The efficiency of the anode also remains at a constantly high level.

We answer your questions

Contact us and we will advise you personally on the introduction or switch to our PLATINODE® MMO 186 LOC / 186 SO / 176. We will also be happy to carry out a price calculation tailored to your individual needs.

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