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Our trademarks and product lines have been well known in the electroplating industry for decades. Our products sold under these brands are associated with the highest quality from Germany, which have been developed specifically for special applications or projects. 

Behind the trademarks names, is often hidden in a modified form the basic (precious) metal for your perfect intermediate layer or final surface.


Gold Electrolytes

Gold electrolytes still have a leading position when connectors, smart cards, printed circuit boards and many other electronic components have to be coated.

But also in the decorative area, various colored gold electrolytes give more brilliance and value or set new trends.


Silver Electrolytes

Are you looking for silver electrolytes that deliver perfect surfaces in both decorative and technical applications - such as connectors or LEDs?

We meet this high demand with our ARGUNA® series as numerous success stories from leading manufacturers prove.


Rhodium Electrolytes

Leading global manufacturers from the decorative segment set trends with our color range from bright white to a noble, dark tone.

The RHODUNA® series enables a particularly hard-wearing final layer in technical applications such as contacts. Qualitatively almost unique and without compromising on technical properties.


Palladium Electrolytes

For example, our palladium alloys are a cost-optimized substitute for hard gold in the high-speed coating of connectors. They are also convincing when it comes to intermediate layers, diffusion barriers and corrosion protection.

We also have suitable, economically advantageous palladium electrolytes for decorative applications.


Ruthenium Electrolytes

Trendy fashion accessories, stunning bathroom fittings, classy interiors in luxury limousines can impress with black surfaces. Our RUTHUNA® is the right solution for deep black, sparkling surfaces.

Especially for technical applications with a unique look, our ruthenium alloys are an unconventional alternative.


Platinum Electrolytes

Platinum has enjoyed incredible price stability for years, and the name alone makes decorative applications desirable for all classes of buyers.

In the technical segment, with the PLATUNA® series we offer a genuine economic alternative to rhodium and palladium layers, which is in no way inferior to them in many respects.


Copper Tin (Zinc) Electrolytes

Bronze electrolytes are an important part of our product range. Our classic MIRALLOY® has been used worldwide since the 1980s as a nickel- and lead-free process in the clothing industry, among others.

But also on high-frequency connectors, in cars and on hydraulic components, the easily solderable and non-magnetic surfaces are appreciated by many customers.


Nickel phosphorus electrolytes

NIPHOS® can be used to deposit nickel phosphorus alloy layers with a high phosphorus content. The electrolytes are halogenide-free and contain no heavy metals, such as lead or cadmium except for nickel.

The lifetime is almost unlimited and corresponds to that of bright nickel electrolytes. They are used as intermediate layer (before e.g. tin, chromium or gold) or as final layer.


Platinum/Titanium & Platinum/Niobium
& MMO Electrodes

Our PLATINODE® designates on the one hand our electrodes coated with the purest platinum in a cyanide salt melt. This manufacturing process guarantees the highest possible quality level and the longest possible service life.

On the other hand, we offer dimensionally stable mixed metal oxide anodes (MMO) with an optimal price/performance ratio under this brand name.


Additives* for copper electroplating

Our innovative and patented IntraCu® Additives* for copper electroplating have been developed for the modern advanced packaging industry.

They meet the high quality standards of the semiconductor industry and can be considered as drop-in replacements for current standard processes for microbumps in IC packages, RDL in wafer level packaging and pillar in flip chip packaging.


Sales in Europe

As a PCB system specialist, we exclusively represent in Europe products of the Japanese technology leader Uyemura.

This company offers, for example, products for end surfaces, as well as copper fillings for through and blind holes.


Sales in Europe

To complete our PCB product portfolio, we distribute various non-conductive pastes for the permanent sealing of holes from the Japanese specialist San-Ei.

The pastes are known to be easy to process and fill holes in all PCB applications with excellent final performance characteristics.

* Not available in Europe

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