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Even if our products are complex to manufacture, their benefits are usually easy to understand. Occasionally, however, it helps to see our products in a broader application context in order to clarify their benefits - for example, comparisons with previous standards or with other products can be useful.

In the following overview, you can see which applications or areas of application we wanted to go into a little more detail in order to be able to highlight product benefits even more clearly.

Semiconductor processes and products

Product range for the semiconductor industry

We offer selected products for the modern advanced packaging industry to increase performance, cost efficiency and reliability. SHINHAO's modular additive system IntraCu®* is an integral part of this.

Our copper(II) oxide and electrode solutions for ECD equipment complement the product range and underline our competence here.


Pen Plating

Brush plating electrolytes for partial coating

We offer various electrolytes which enable targeted, partial coating with a pen plating unit. This is mainly needed for multicolor coatings, repair work and coatings of small areas.

Based on various parameters, all electrolytes can be compared with each other and thus the suitable electrolyte can be found quickly.

Alternatives to rhodium and palladium coatings

Cost-efficient alloys

The prices for rhodium and palladium have virtually exploded over the last few years.

Our alloys provide a way out for both decorative and technical applications, almost without compromising on quality and appearance. On the contrary - through innovative processes we have succeeded in improving individual layer properties while significantly reducing precious metal costs.

Protective layers for precious metal surfaces

Simple quality improvement

Protect your high-quality surfaces from the start with our protective coatings and thus avoid visual flaws or technical malfunctions in daily use.

Give your decorative and technical products targeted protection and various qualitative advantages without affecting the properties of your precious metal surface.

Silver processes for numerous technical applications

Overview technical silver processes

Umicore offers numerous silver electrolytes for various technical applications and fields of use. These include, for example, electrical contacts in connector technology, high-frequency technology, medical technology, and coatings for electrical packaging technology. 

The table shows the property profiles of the silver electrolytes.

* Not available in Europe

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