From the outside, it may seem like a game with the chemical elements and electrical charge carriers when we create electrolytes and electrodes - and in fact, in addition to competence and commitment, playful creativity helps us on the way to the perfect surface.

Right Composition.
Perfect Surface.

With Umicore Electroplating, you have a world-leading manufacturer of electrolytes and electrodes for surface finishing at your side. We are there for you, from development to series production and, of course, beyond that as a competent service partner for electrochemical electroplating.

With us at your side, we give your product the perfect surface.

Precious metal prices

Here you can find the current prices of precious metals processed by us. All prices are Umicore sales prices (processed). Further details, charts and price trends can be found on the Umicore Precious Metal Management page.


On our website you will get an insight into coating processes for various applications, which are successfully used worldwide. Our experts will also be happy to advise you directly on your specific application and work with you to find the right process. 

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