Whether in the jewelry, clothing, automotive, communications or semiconductor industries - functional and optical surface properties are increasingly determining the success of a product in our modern world. Our processes and products enable high-quality (precious) metal surfaces which raise your product to a new level of quality or underline your product design visually and haptically.

Product overview

With the help of electroplating, decorative properties such as color, gloss, reflection or haptics can be improved. But corrosion and wear resistance, strength, solderability and weldability, as well as electrical properties can also be optimized. 

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Delivery program

Our broad product portfolio (over 1,200 individual components) includes electrolytes and compounds, as well as selected special processes for surface coating. In addition, there are our precious metal-coated, dimensionally stable electrodes for various electroplating processes, such as water treatment, chromium plating or wafer coating.

Due to the large number of products, we have only provided a selection of our product range in the above product finder. A list of all products can be found in our current delivery program.

Sales Team

You have found a product in the product finder that interests you more closely or you would like to talk to us directly? Our sales team will be happy to advise you and answer your questions about our products and their shipping. You will also find the right contact person here for a quick and non-binding quotation calculation:

Sales Electrolytes/Salts (Europe)

Andrea Grau
Manager Sales Europe
+49 7171 607 229 (Office)


Sales Electrolytes/Salts (International)

Markus Legeler
Manager Sales International
+49 7171 607 229 (Office)
+49 170 9370 163 (Mobile)


Sales Electrodes

Frank Friebel
Sales Electrocatalytic Electrodes
+49 7171 607 292 (Office)
+49 171 7868 812 (Mobile)


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