Whether for technical or decorative applications - surface properties that are matched or optimised make all the difference. Our processes and products enable high-quality (precious) metal surfaces that raise your product to a new quality level in terms of functionality or underline the product design visually and haptically.

Product overview

We have a comprehensive product portfolio, consisting of 1,200 individual components, which offers you the right solution for your project in both technical and decorative applications. In addition, we complete our range of services with, for example

  • High-quality and dimensionally stable electrodes for the perfect deposition of metal surfaces
  • established pre- and post-treatments specially tailored to the corresponding application, such as protective coatings
  • a comprehensive service, if necessary, from the problem definition to series production and of course beyond.

At all times, you can rely on us as your supplier and partner to be aware of our responsibility in everything we do. For example, we pay attention to environmentally friendly and resource-saving production or sustainable supply chains and have ourselves certified accordingly. And that's not all - we are also happy to assist you in this regard.

Technical applications

Today's electrical and electronic products benefit from our coordinated final or intermediate coatings for individual components. Corrosion and wear resistance, strength, solderability and weldability, but also electrical properties can be optimised to such an extent that a clear competitive advantage is created. Superior quality or the economic advantage resulting from a longer service life are just two examples.

A broad product portfolio with established high-performance processes and solutions helps to quickly master current challenges in the following segments, for example.

Decorative applications

Our decorative processes fulfil the needs and wishes for a (precious) metal surface that is not only visually high-quality. Decide on the colour, gloss and reflection of your product, but also on its haptics and abrasion resistance - and thus on its value and elegance in the view of the end user. 

Of course, we always keep an eye on current trends and price developments for individual raw materials. In this way, we can offer you modern processes that are as cost-efficient as possible in the following segments, for example. 

Electrocatalytic Electrodes

Under the brand name PLATINODE® we offer two types of high quality electrodes. Firstly, titanium and niobium electrodes coated by high-temperature electrolysis (HTE) with the purest platinum. Their platinum functional layer possesses not only high ductility and highest purity, but also excellent adhesive strength.

On the other hand, we offer mixed metal oxide electrodes (MMO), which offer a perfect price/performance ratio. 

Both variants are characterised by their dimensional stability and durability. This not only results in a perfect deposition result, but also makes the production itself significantly more environmentally friendly and, in the medium term, also more cost-saving than with conventional electrodes.

Delivery program

Our broad product portfolio (over 1,200 individual components) includes electrolytes and compounds, as well as selected special processes for surface coating. In addition, there are our precious metal-coated, dimensionally stable electrodes for various electroplating processes, such as water treatment, chromium plating or wafer coating.

Due to the large number of products, we have only provided a selection of our product range in the above product finder. A list of all products can be found in our current delivery program.

Sales Team

You have found a product that interests you more or you would like to talk to us directly about your specific challenge? Our sales team will be happy to advise you and answer your questions about our products and their dispatch. You will also find the right contact person here for a quick and non-binding quotation calculation:

Technical and decorative applications (International)

Markus Legeler
Manager Sales International
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+49 7171 607 204 (Office)
+49 170 9370 163 (Mobile)

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Electrocatalytic Electrodes (Europe and International)

Frank Friebel
Sales Electrocatalytic Electrodes
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+49 7171 607 292 (Office)
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