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Nearly 70 Years of Experience

Umicore is the name of what was once called Union Minière, a Belgian company with a two-century-old tradition in extracting, refining, and transforming non-ferrous metals. Umicore has shifted its core activities from mining and the production of commodity metals to the production, marketing, and recycling of metal-based specialty materials.

In mid 2002, Umicore acquired three companies and merged them together. These acquisitions were merged into the new business unit Umicore Thin Film Products and enabled Umicore to expand its activities in the field of thin film technologies.

Thin Film Products is now one of the leading producers and suppliers of materials for high vacuum coating with nearly 70 years of experience in the field. Our product portfolio includes sputtering targets, evaporation materials, and accessories for Optics, Wear Protection, Microelectronics and Semiconductors.

As a member of the Umicore Group, Thin Film Products is in an ideal position to further extend its leading market position.

Our goals for the next Years

Umicore RISE Strategy 2030