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Foresighted calculation with platinum

Metal Deposition Solutions

Due to their skin compatibility, platinum coatings for medical applications have been established for years. More and more producers are switching to platinum coatings here due to the price of rhodium, as the switch also has no disadvantages in terms of quality. For example, our PLATUNA® N 1 with a purity of 99.99% does not cause skin reactions as known from typical metal allergies. But also for other decorative applications, the solid, white and high-gloss coatings are a real alternative.

Platinum is already the better, because more economical, rhodium in the medical environment. 

For years, platinum coatings have had an enormous price advantage over coatings finished with rhodium. In contrast to rhodium, which currently costs more than 700 €/g and seems to be rising endlessly, the price for platinum has been (often far) below 50 €/g for more than a decade, which makes it possible to calculate costs with foresight. 

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