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Environmentally friendly silver coating paves the way for sustainable production

Metal Deposition Solutions

Environmentally friendly silver processes are an attractive alternative to conventional methods. They enable the deposition of silver layers without the use of toxic cyanides, which significantly reduces the safety risk for personnel and the environment. 

In addition, many countries have strict regulations governing the use and disposal of cyanides. As a result, large production facilities in particular are coming up against restriction limits.

We offer the complete package for environmentally friendly silver processes

ARGUNA® 3230

ARGUNA® 3230 is a cyanide-free fine silver electrolyte for the deposition of technical-functional and decorative silver coatings, which can also be used in demanding areas such as medical technology or electronics. 

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ARGUNA® 3430

The electolyte, which is also cyanide-free, is used for the deposition of abrasion resistant silver coatings with high hardness. They are therefore particularly suitable for use on highly stressed electrical contact surfaces such as charging connectors.

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The fine silver electrolyte ARGUNA® CF is used for the rapid deposition of semi-matt to semi-bright coatings with excellent bonding, soldering and adhesive properties. The electrolyte does not require any free cyanide for new make-up.

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Umicore Silver Stripper 638

The cyanide-free Umicore Silver Stripper 638 is used for the anodic stripping of silver layers.

It is mainly used for stripping back flash silver layers on electronic products, for selective spot coating in the mask process of reel-to-reel equipment. However, the electrolyte is also suitable for removing thicker silver layers.

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