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ARGUNA® 3230 Cyanide-free Fine Silver Electrolyte

ARGUNA® 3230 Cyanide-free Fine Silver Electrolyte

For deposition of fine silver layers

ARGUNA® 3230 is an alkaline, cyanide-free silver electrolyte for the deposition of technically functional silver layers. The layers are also suitable for decorative applications.

As the electrolyte does not contain any toxic cyanide compounds, it is therefore easier to use under the increasing environmental and safety requirements. Especially for the medical technology cyanide-free systems are often required.

The deposited layers are excellently suited for soldering and wire bonding applications as well as for electrical contacts e.g. in power electronics or high current technology.

ARGUNA® 3230 is ideal for rack and barrel applications. Copper materials can be coated directly, without pre-silver.

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type

alkaline, cyanide free

Metal content

20 (18 - 22) g/l

pH value

9.5 (9.2 - 9.8)

Operating temperature

50 (45 - 55) °C

Current density range

0.5 - 1.5 A/dm²

Plating speed

1 μm in 1.5 min at 1.0 A/dm²

Coating characteristics


Fine silver


>99 wt.% Ag

Colour of deposit


Hardness of deposit

90 - 100 HV in condition as deposited

Max. coating thickness

Up to 10 μm bright depositions, Thicknesses > 10 μm semi-matt

Density of the coating

approx. 10.5 g/cm³


  • Cyanide-free, significantly reduced exposure to hazardous substances
  • Excellent soldering and bonding
  • Excellent electrical properties
  • Ideal for rack and barrel coating


  • Electrical assembly and connection technology
  • Power Electronics
  • Medical Technology


  • Produktblatt_ARGUNA_3230_EN.pdf

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