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We are now MDS

Metal Deposition Solutions

We have decided to combine the expertise of the established Electroplating (EP) and Thin Film Products (TFP) business units under the Metal Deposition Solutions (MDS) business unit. Under this name, we will in future develop and market products for both high-quality electroplating and physical vapour (precious metal) deposition processes. This will enable us to offer high-quality products for both processes from a single source in the future.

The change in name has no effect on current day-to-day business 

The most important thing for our customers is that the change of name of our business unit will not affect existing business relationships with our customers. We will retain all relevant business data, such as the legal name, our contact and bank data, or product names, unchanged.

The current merger of the previously largely autonomous business units was the logical consequence, since the Electroplating unit also offers solutions for the semiconductor sector. "The overlap of common customers, especially in this segment, is thus significant. For us, but especially for our customers, coordinated sales thus makes sense - holistic consulting and solutions that build on each other are only the most obvious advantages," says Thomas Engert (SVP Metal Deposition Solutions), explaining the decision.

Two business lines with one common goal

The common goal is to establish ourselves in the semiconductor segment as well as in the existing business areas through innovative products or to expand the business. For more than a year, we have therefore been preparing the merger of the two business lines internally. The adaptation of work processes or know-how transfers by our employees are only two of many actions that were necessary in the run-up to the merger in order to be able to continue to present ourselves to you as a new Umicore business unit in the usual professional manner. 

Our existing product segments will be continued and developed without restriction.
Here, too, we are naturally taking advantage of the synergies brought about by the merger.

Thomas Engert (SVP Metal Deposition Solutions)

In summary, we see Metal Deposition Solutions as an extremely sensible strategic cooperation between two leading companies, each in its own field of surface finishing. This large unit should enable us to achieve our common goals more quickly. One of them, the broadening of the product range and know-how, has already been achieved by the merger. This alone is certainly an incentive for many of our (potential) customers to take a closer look at our company and the other surface finishing technology and also to think through new possibilities for themselves - gladly together with us.

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