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Pale gold coatings are now also possible without allergies

Metal Deposition Solutions

The subtle pale gold tones (14 carat Hamilton), which stand out from the crowd for this very reason, continue to be absolutely trendy. Until now, however, these light gold layers were mostly only possible with the addition of nickel or cobalt - metals that not infrequently trigger allergic reactions for the wearer. Skin irritations in the form of reddened and itchy areas are the result, especially when accessories such as jewelry or watches are worn for a long time.

Now you as a manufacturer have the chance to produce allergy-free and thus skin-friendly products. Our new AURUNA® 215 Pale does not contain any metals that are often allergenic.

AURUNA® 215 plays all of its strengths

AURUNA® 215, already established on the market due to its skin compatibility, was the basis for us to create a customer-oriented solution for pale gold end layers. The gold-iron-indium electrolyte, which deposits yellow-gold in the basic version, was fundamentally revised for this purpose.

The new "pale" version is in no way inferior to the conventional pale gold coatings in terms of appearance and quality - but with the decisive difference of being skin-friendly. A competitive advantage that opens up a significantly larger circle of buyers for you.

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