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Information for our customers at the turn of the year

Metal Deposition Solutions

Today we have put together several topics, about which we would like to inform you at the end of the year.

First, we would like to thank you for your confidence in us this year. We are looking forward to going together in a hopefully good and successful year 2018. Until then we wish you nice and relaxing holidays.

We are back for you after the turn of the year

Please take into account for your need of products that we will have an operational rest from 25.12.2017 – 01.01.2018. From 2 January 2018 we will be back for you as usual.

We support charitable projects

In 2017 we were able to support regional, charitable societies with more than € 10,000. Among others ‘Bunter Kreis Schwäbisch Gmünd e.V.’ (help for chronically ill children), the ‘Peru Gruppe Heubach e.V. (relief project for the slums in Laderas, the ‘Delfin Nogli e.V.’ (support for disabled, sick and needy people in Ostalbkreis) and the ‘Wissenswerkstatt Gmünder Eule’ (support of children and young people for technical and scientific topics) were happy about donations.

Thank you for your participation

As company, we are of course interested to reach high customer satisfaction and try to align ourselves with the wishes of our customers. On doing so, your feedback to this year’s survey (B2B communication) was very helpful and we would like to say thank you afterwards.

Your opinion was worth 3 gold bars, which we have raffled among all participants of the survey. Congratulations to the winners.

Reward for your interest

Our core business are our products for the finishing of decorative precious metal surfaces. This is what we pointed out this year with a special campaign. To reward the interest in it, we have raffled a gold bar worth about € 400 among all those, who have been curious and found their way to our landing page. Again, congratulations.

Our sustainability commitment

Confirmed by EcoVadis