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Crowd puller Jewellery & Gem Fair in Hong Kong

Metal Deposition Solutions

This year the rush of visitors at our booth at the ‘Jewellery & Gem Fair’ in Hong Kong (certainly one of the most important jewellery fairs worldwide) was very high again. Both, the amount of visitors and the quality of inquiries, made our specialists on site enthusiastic.

Precious metal surfaces get multi-variant

‘Multi-variant precious metal surfaces are especially in the jewellery sector more popular than ever before’, says Thilo Kuhn (Director Sales and Marketing). In his estimation colour variations will remain in trend, in addition to the pure precious metal colour shades like gold and silver. For example delicate rose gold let consumer hearts beat faster.

Not only our AURUNA® 502 (rose gold) was topic at the booth. Also RHODUNA® was of high interest, because it adds incredible, deep black or brilliant white rhodium layers to jewellery.

‘With our wide range of colours for precious metal coating, we usually meet individual wishes without any problems. That makes us the perfect partner in the eyes of many manufacturers, because they only need one supplier for their entire product range’, explains Joachim Grimm (Sales Manager, Technical Services) after the fair.

Let yourself be inspired

On a special website we have put together for you all relevant plating possibilities in the decorative area. You can find applications, contact details and with registration you also have the chance to win a gold bar worth round about 400€.

Our sustainability commitment

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