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Direct Sales as of 01.01.2022

Metal Deposition Solutions

Umicore Thin Film Products - Direct Sales as of 01.01.2022 

As a leader in the development and manufacture of PVD materials, Umicore’s focus has always been on supporting our customers’ material requirements across a wide range of products and industries. While Umicore has previously provided our products and services through a distributor, we have also had the opportunity to collaborate directly with customers. This direct approach has allowed us to better support customer growth and advancement into new technologies. To that end, we have made the strategic decision to work directly with all customers through our direct sales team rather than through a distributor. We are therefore terminating our contract with our distributor, Buhler Leybold Optics, at the turn of the year and will work with all our customers directly beginning January 1st, 2022.  


In our long-standing cooperation, we have supplied our customers through our distribution partner with our extensive portfolio of evaporation materials, sputter targets as well as accessories for optoelectronic and optical thin film applications of the highest quality. Now, with direct sales coming into effect in the new year, we have the opportunity to respond more quickly and individually to customer needs through our own technical sales staff. 


You as our customers will now receive service specialized in our products and can benefit from our over 70 years of material, application and technical know-how without intermediaries. The product portfolio we offer remains unchanged and could be further extended through new product development with you. In the  future, please simply address your enquiries directly to Umicore Thin Film Products AG.  You will find the contact person responsible for your here


We would like to take this opportunity to thank Buhler Leybold Optics for their good and long-standing cooperation as we look forward to working and collaborating more closely with you.

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