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PLATUNA® PT Platinum Electrolyte

PLATUNA® PT Platinum Electrolyte

Pure platinum electrolyte without yellow tint

The strongly acidic PLATUNA® PT platinum electrolyte is used to deposit smooth, crack-free platinum coatings up to a layer thickness of 5 μm. The deposited layers are characterized by a brilliant luster and, in contrast to conventional platinum coatings, do not exhibit a yellow tint.

Furthermore, the electrolyte has a low sulfuric acid content and is therefore less aggressive to the coating substrate. The deposition rate is independent of the current density, which leads to an optimum layer thickness distribution. No precipitation occurs and the platinum concentrate does not have to be stored in the refrigerator.

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type

Strongly acidic

Metal content

2 (1 - 6) g/l

pH value

< 1

Operating temperature

60 (55 - 65) °C

Current density range

5 (0.5 - 10) A/dm²

Plating speed

approx. 0.13 μm/min at 5 A/dm²

Deposition rate

approx. 5.6 mg/Amin at 5 A/dm²

Coating characteristics




99.9 wt.% Pt

Colour of deposit



Bright, brilliant


not measurable, approx. 350 HV

Max. coating thickness

approx. 0.5 μm bei 2 g/l Pt content, up to 5 μm at 6 g/l Pt content

Density of the coating

approx. 21,4 g/cm³


  • Excellent brilliance without yellow tint
  • Up to 5 μm layer thickness
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Current density independent
  • Easy handling - no cold storage and no precipitation


  • Jewelry
  • Watches
  • Writing implements
  • Spectacles frames
  • Bathroom fittings


  • Produktblatt_PLATUNA_PT_EN.pdf

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