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Umicore Electroplating changes distribution partner in Italy

Metal Deposition Solutions

Our business line Umicore Electroplating is changing its distribution partner in Italy as of January 1, 2024. The new representative will be Valmet Plating, a leading supplier of electroplating processes in Italy. At the same time, the cooperation with the previous partner Italbras will be terminated at the end of the year.

Our customers can look forward to a wide range of services

Valmet Plating has excellent access to fashion suppliers in Italy and will also supply them with Umicore's premium decorative products in the future. "We at Valmet are particularly proud to be able to distribute Umicore's MIRALLOY® bronze electrolyte family, which has been established on the market for over 40 years," says Emanuele Pallotti (Legal Representative & Sales Director at Valmet Plating). Of course, Valmet Plating also offers the entire product portfolio of the Umicore Business Line Electroplating in Italy, i.e. gold, silver, rhodium or platinum coatings for decorative and technical applications.

On the one hand, the partnership enables Umicore products to continue to be available at all times on the Italian market thanks to its own warehousing facilities. In addition, the owner-managed company's analytical laboratory can offer chemical and physical analysis results immediately on site.

Valmet Plating - Umicore Electroplating distribution partner in Italy - Cooperation

Thilo Kuhn and Emanuele Pallotti (from left) are looking forward to the future cooperation.

"With Valmet, we now have a first-class specialist sales partner for our customers in Italy who can offer a wide range of services."

Thilo Kuhn (Director Sales and Marketing EP)

A major advantage for existing Umicore customers in Italy: Cristiano Crivellaro, the previous contact person in Italy, has also moved to Valmet. He therefore remains the competent key contact for our customers.

Large team and same key contact person as further advantages

"I am personally very pleased that Umicore Electroplating and Valmet Plating will be joining forces in the future," says Cristiano Crivellaro, responsible for sales of Umicore products at Valmet Plating. "Umicore is a leading supplier of electroplating processes with a strong portfolio of innovative products and solutions. I am convinced that we can make a valuable contribution to Umicore's success in Italy with our expertise and range of services."

In addition to the usual contact person, our Italian customers can look forward to even faster on-site appointments. Thanks to Valmet Plating's large team of specialists, service requests that require a personal appointment will be handled quickly and easily.

Valmet Plating - Umicore Electroplating distribution partner in Italy - key contact in Italy

Cristiano Crivellaro remains the competent key contact for our customers in Italy.

About Valmet Plating

Valmet Plating is one of the leading suppliers of surface coatings in Italy. The company is based in Florence, northern Italy, and offers a broad portfolio of plating solutions, mainly for various applications in the fashion industry.

Valmet Plating is a young, innovative company that is open to new technologies and processes. It is also known for its high quality standards and excellent customer service.

The collaboration with Umicore Electroplating will help Valmet Plating to expand its range of electroplating processes and offer its customers an even wider range of innovative solutions.

Sales partners for PCBs and electrodes in Italy

In addition to Valmet Plating, we have long-standing and competent sales partners in Italy for the special fields of printed circuit boards and electrodes. Should you require information, offers or services in these segments, please get in touch with the following contacts directly:

Finally, we would like to thank our previous distributor Italbras for the many years of good cooperation and wish the company all the best for the future and continued success.

Valmet Plating - Umicore Electroplating distribution partner in Italy - Questions and Answers

Valmet Plating - Umicore Electroplating distribution partner in Italy - contact person
Contact person

Andrea Grau
Manager Sales Europe
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+49 7171 607 229 (Office)

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