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Presentation: Coatings for high-power connectors

Metal Deposition Solutions

Our ARGUNA® C-100, specially developed for the coating of connector contacts, enables a stable and robust coating system with maximum charging performance over the entire lifetime*.  We are thus fulfilling the long-cherished wish of various industries, especially in the field of electromobility.

Silver layer with exceptional abrasion resistance and yet maximum charging performance for connectors

In his now freely accessible presentation, our expert Robert Ziebart explains why the previous standard for connector coatings in high-power applications cannot be satisfactory. Learn also how our silver-graphite dispersion electrolyte ARGUNA® C-100 fulfils the manufacturers' requirements sustainably and economically:

Webinar in English language
Improved reliability of EV charging plugs for high wear durability with advanced silver coatings

1) Introduction Umicore
2) Megatrends in electrification & high voltage connectors
3) Tribology characterization & benchmark
4) Field study (existing standard)
5) Summary
6) Q&A Session

* 50,000 mating cycles are the result of end-of-life tribometer tests under laboratory conditions

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