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Optionally inhibitor additive allows up to 15% gold savings

Metal Deposition Solutions

By the use of AURUNA® Inhibitor 2 in electrolytic gold electrolytes like AURUNA® 8100 and AURUNA® 8400, we offer you now the opportunity of a reduction of gold use. The additive allows a greatly reduced galvanic deposition in the run-off area of selectively coated connectors especially in high-speed systems.

AURUNA® Inhibitor 2 is not incorporated into the layer

"Importantly, the layer properties of the process are maintained at all times. AURUNA® Inhibitor 2 is electrochemically active in the electrolyte, but it is not incorporated into the layers," explains our Division Manager for Technical Applications, Benjamin Wieser.

Practical assignments are successful

The feedback from our customers is gratifying, because the targeted gold savings can be realised in practice. For smooth integration into existing production processes, we are of course available to advise our customers worldwide if required.

For more information, please contact our representatives worldwide or directly through our contacts in Germany:

Benjamin Wieser
Division Manager Technical Applications

Phone: +49 7171 607 232


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