New business division for semiconductor processes and products

Metal Deposition Solutions

Many years of expertise in the field of electrodes for ECD equipment was the cornerstone for the establishment of a business division for semiconductor processes and products. Accordingly, we have expanded our product portfolio with innovative products that enable us to take the advanced packaging segment to a new level in terms of performance, cost efficiency and reliability.

Expertise in the Advanced Packaging segment

Through our collaboration with SHINHAO Materials, we can now also offer innovative and patented copper electroplating additives* for the modern advanced packaging industry. Umicore´s Copper(II)oxide and Anode and Cathode solutions for ECD equipment are complementing our product offering and underline our competency in the segment of advanced packaging.

IntraCu® Additives*

Our modular additives are designed to meet the highest requirements of the semiconductor industry in advanced packaging and offer the foundation for depositing customized material properties e.g. for Microbumps in IC packages, RDL in wafer level packaging and Pillar in flip-chip packaging.

Umicore Cu(II)Oxid

Umicore copper oxide high purity metal oxide powder are developed, manufactured and quality tested in accordance with the demanding requirements of the semiconductor advanced packaging industry. In combination with ancosys DMR® concept (Direct Metal Replenishment) clean room usage is possible enabling lower cost of ownership for Cu replenishment along with a boost in performance of the electrolyte through higher Cu concentrations.

PLATINODE® SC Electrodes

Insoluble anodes are proven to help increase process efficiency, reduce process costs, environmental impact and process control efforts in plating tools for advanced packaging. The key differentiator of Umicore´s PLATINODE® is the unique layer performance due to the manufacturing method using a molten salt electrolyte allowing ultra-high purity, low porosity and best ductility even at high Pt layer thicknesses.

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* Not available in Europe.

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