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Copper additives for the semiconductor industry attract media attention

Metal Deposition Solutions

The semiconductor industry is constantly looking for new ways to improve the performance of its products. Even though Moore's Law (doubling computing power every 2 years at the latest) has lost its original validity, the development of integrated circuits is progressing rapidly.

An article on Global Spec now deals with our product portfolio for this segment. In particular with our copper additives of the IntraCu® series, which bring advantages in terms of the performance of ICs, among other things.

Stressless copper
for superior semiconductor performance

Global Spec (January 24, 2024)

IntraCu® - Umicore copper additives for the semiconductor industry - Article on Global Spec

In just 3 minutes, get a clear overview of how our IntraCu® series helps take advanced packaging to the next level. The article covers the following topics in more detail:

  • Stress-free copper as a "gamechanger"
    Additives provide material properties and crystal structures that overcome typical limitations in semiconductor production.
  • IC reliability as the main advantage
    Reduced production waste and significantly longer durability of ICs are highlighted as the main advantages.
  • Compatibility with existing processes
    Production of stress-free copper requires no additional process steps or equipment and is compatible with existing equipment.
  • Overview of the semiconductor portfolio
    Copper(II) oxide for dry metal replenishment (DMR), anode/cathode materials for ECD systems and sputtering and vaporization materials (TFP) round off the offering for this segment.

Our product portfolio for the semiconductor industry

For the modern advanced packaging industry, we offer selected products to increase performance, cost efficiency and reliability. The modular additive system IntraCu® is an integral part of this. Our copper(II) oxide and our electrode solutions for ECD systems round off the product portfolio and underline our expertise in this area.

Are you interested in our processes? Then let's talk about it. In order to clarify all relevant details, we offer you a comprehensive consultation in advance. We will be happy to provide you with a quotation on this basis. This will enable you to make an informed decision for or against our solution.

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