Rosemont, United States

The show, which will be held in Rosemont from June 7 to 9, 2022, is a real must for all companies in the finishing industry. That is why our partners Palm Commodities International, LLC and Uyemura International Corporation will also be there with a booth. Find out more about our anodes and cathodes, as well as electrolytes for technical applications.

Furthermore, Richard DePoto (Business Development Manager, Uyemura) and Robert Ziebart (Business Development Manager, Umicore) will give a presentation on the following topic: Next generation silver alloys with improved properties for automotive and industrial high power connectors. This will take place at June 07 at 04.00 pm (GMT-5).

Below you will find more details about the presentation:

The paper will introduce new silver alloys and their improved properties as functional and ‎alternative coatings. The paper compares these alloys to the established coatings such as ‎hard gold and palladium-nickel with flash gold in E-Mobility and High Power industrial ‎applications.‎

Gold and palladium have been used long time as contact materials for technical surfaces. ‎Due to rising precious metal prices, silver and silver alloys are increasingly coming into focus ‎to replace these coatings.‎

The goal is to review the status of current development of various silver alloys and their ‎competitive properties vs. the disadvantages of pure silver coatings. Especially under the ‎aspect of long-term stability, these new silver alloys show their real potential.‎
‎ ‎
In hardness, stable contact resistance and tri-biological properties which remain consistent ‎over long term even at elevated temperatures. Requirements such as end-of-life in the ‎automotive sector are covered in an exemplary manner.‎

For e.g. an innovative silver dispersion electrolyte and plated layers out of it have similar ‎electric properties like a pure silver coating but offering a very low COF and no tendency for ‎galling. These are properties that a pure silver coating can’t offer. Additionally, if we look ‎into a silver palladium alloy, which has competitive properties vs hard gold or palladium-‎nickel we add the benefit of a cyanide free process.‎

Silver alloys are already used and established in industrial and automotive electronics, but ‎with limitations in the field of electroplating, especially for R2R plating of connectors, which ‎this paper will also briefly review.‎

In summary, silver alloys and their advantageous properties open up options to be used as ‎an alternative functional coating for existing connector applications as well as opportunities ‎in other industries such as high power applications, the next generation of e-mobility and ‎high power industrial connectors.‎

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Donald E. Stephens Convention Center, 5555 N River Rd, IL 60018, Rosemont, United States