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ARGUNA® CF Fine Silver Electrolyte

ARGUNA® CF Fine Silver Electrolyte

The fine silver high-speed electrolyte

ARGUNA® CF is a fine silver electrolyte for the fast deposition of satin to semi-bright coatings with excellent bonding, soldering and adhesive properties.

ARGUNA® CF is used in high-speed equipment for the selective deposition of fine silver (flow and spray lines, jet plating, spot plating). Maximum applicable current density and plating efficiency mainly depend on the electrolyte agitation at the parts, i. e. on the flow velocity in the plant. High flow velocities allow the application of high current densities, high plating speeds can be reached in this way. For making up a new electrolyte, no free cyanide is required. Immersion silver plating can be effectively inhibited with ARGUNA® Pre-dip 600, which can be used in the production process prior to the silver electrolyte or it can be directly added to the electrolyte.

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type

Weakly alkaline

Metal content

120 g/l Ag

pH value

8.3 (8.0 - 8.6)

Operating temperature

75 (65 - 75) °C

Current density range

30 - 100 A/dm²

Plating speed

0.3 - 1.0 μm/s

Anode material

MMO (type PLATINODE® 167 or 177)

Electrical conductivity

>50 m*(Ω*mm²)-1

Coating characteristics


Fine silver


99.9 wt.% Ag

Colour of deposit





100 - 130 HV as plated

Max. coating thickness

20 μm


  • High-speed electrolyte for the selective deposition of fine silver
  • No free cyanide in a new makeup
  • For reel-to-reel plating using flow or spray technologies
  • Semi-bright coatings
  • Very good bonding, soldering and adhesive properties


  • Contact surface for semiconductors and electrical components
  • Leadframe packaging for soldering, bonding and adhesive applications


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